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A full service Bio-Hazard and Hazmat Solution

GSG Environmental Services is a leading provider in Bio Hazard, Hazmat, Construction, Safety and Safety Training services. In order to ensure the quality of our services GSG Environmental Services is divided into six divisions which includes Emergency Response, Bio Hazard/Hazmat Remediation, Construction, Earthworks, Medical Waste, and Safety & Training.

Emergency Response

provides 24 hour a day, 7 days a week response for disasters, chemical & petroleum spills, and bio hazards including crime scenes to support first responders. Emergency response teams are qualified to evaluate the situation, take immediate action to mitigate the problem, and call in additional support as needed. GSG Environmental Services emergency response teams have the resources to effectively handle any type and size of emergency response related to bio hazard or hazmat issues.

Bio Hazard/Hazmat Remediation

provides permanent remediation of sites with bio hazard or hazmat exposure. Remediation services range from one day to multi-year jobs. No job is too small or too large for the GSG Environmental Services site remediation team. Site remediation services include evaluation and planning, demo if needed, removal & disposal of materials as needed and the restoration/recovery of the site.


provides services for non hazmat sites including construction site cleanup, demo services, parking lot restoration and power washing services for facilities. GSG Environmental Services can provide these services in conjunction with hazmat related services or on a standalone basis.


is specifically dedicated to dirt-work and can provide quality services related to emergency road repair, excavation, lot clearing, road grading, road and lot maintenance, rough and final grading, trenching, underground utilities and any other dirt-work needed.

Medical Waste

provides services for the pickup and disposal of medical waste from healthcare and related facilities. Services can be provided on an emergency or pre-scheduled basis. In addition to the pickup and disposal of the waste GSG Environmental Services can provide our customers with the proper devices and storage containers to properly control medical waste prior to pick up.

Safety & Training

provides comprehensive safety & training services related to risk management for our customers in addition to providing direct support to our employees and job sites. GGS Environmental Services safety and training division has two primary missions which are (1) provide safety and training services to our internal staff to ensure an efficient and safe work environment and (2) provide training and safety services to our clients as requested. GGS Environmental Services is dedicated to providing custom solutions to each of our clients based on their unique situation and goals.

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